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ROC 2017-8

The mission of Represent Okanogan County – ROC is to
advance the transparency,
responsiveness, and
of Okanogan County’s elected leadership.

ROC is a non-profit organization recognized for its focus on the elected leadership Okanogan County and good county governance. It uses research, communication, leadership development, and voter registration to inform and engage citizens’ ability to affect change. ROC values fact-based knowledge, common sense, inclusiveness and non-confrontation.

ROC is nonpartisan and does not represent any political party.
Last year using county-wide outreach, we enlisted hundreds of supporters to effect county governance. We educated citizens and registered voters. Through the results of a targeted recruitment effort, six new county commissioner candidates, three in each district, registered to run for office. The outcome was two new elected commissioners in November.
Previously county leadership spent time criticizing state and federal governments, engaging in lawsuits against the county’s interests, making illegal decisions that were later rescinded, and denying scientific information. Problems such as the increase in wildfires, limited water supply, and economic uncertainty call for well-informed leaders that are committed to the citizen’s welfare and their involvement and participation.

Good governance work is ongoing. A third commissioner will be elected in 2018. No more back door deals. We want transparency, accountability and a say in the big issues before Okanogan County.

Make your voice heard and build the county’s future. Be active! Join ROC.


• Nov 8—Election Results Okanogan County Thus Far. Final is due November 28th.
• Nov 20—3rd 2018 Proposed Okanogan PUD Budget Meeting, Okanogan PUD Auditorium, 2:30 pm and 6 pm
• Daily check Trello—Eastern Washington Actions for Democracy to let commissioners, legislators, people who are suppose to represent us in county, regional and national government know what we—the citizens they are elected to represent—want them to support for all people.



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Our New County Commissioners
Chris Branch
Position No. 1
Andy Hover
Postion No.2

Accelerating the Speed of Progress what Young Elected Officials (YEO) are Accomplishing in American Politics—click URL below to watch video.

Okanogan County 2017 Office Candidates Up for Election—